1. The process to Establish a Wi-Fi Connection on Your Canon Printer

Make sure your printer must be properly connected to Wi-Fi before retrieving ij.start.cannon.

  • Wireless LAN Setup

Step 1 – Turn on the printer by pressing the Power button to initiate the network configuration process. Be aware, the Power LED light must be uniform and solid green.

Step 2 – Now click the Menu button to view the Network settings screen. You will encounter diverse options for establishing a connection.

Step 3 – Now select the Wireless LAN settings option -> click OK.

Step 4 – Now select the SSID settings option then select Access Point.

Step 5 – Now select your network name and enter the Wi-Fi security key carefully. 

Step 6 – Wait till the printer screen displays connected then click OK.

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  • WPS Push Button:

Some wireless routers consist WPS Push button which is particularly wireless printer sync and that’s why these sorts of wireless routers can easily connect with a wireless printer.           

Follow below steps to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi-

Step 1 – Press the Wi-Fi button on the router until it starts to flash.

Step 2 – Now press the Start button then again press the Wi-Fi button.

Step 3 – Press the WPS button when the Wi-Fi router flashes while the ON button is lit up.

Step 4 – Wireless router will signal synchronization along with the wireless printer by lighting the ON button with a Wi-Fi indicator simultaneously.

Step 5 – In case the wireless sync fails, press the STOP button and try synchronization again.

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2. Explained Procedure for Printer Driver Download by Launching


In order to set up ij.start.cannon, first you need to download the software by below process –

Step 1 – To download Canon printer drivers, visit the Canon homepage by typing ij.start.canon in your search bar of a web browser.

Step 2 – Now click on the Setup tab and a Product Name window will appear.

Step 3 – Provide your model number then click OK. You will encounter a product download window on screen.  

Step 4 – Make sure the driver must be compatible with your Operating system. For this, go to the Operating System field which is available at the upper-right corner and select an OS compatible then click on Download.

Step 5 – Wait till the download completes while leaving the screen.

Step 6 – Move on to the next part of ij.start.canon setup after successful completion of downloading.

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  • Step-by-Step Guidelines for Installing the Printer Driver

Follow below steps for installing the printer driver –

Step 1 – In case you haven’t customized the file location, you have to access the Downloads folder to run the downloaded file.

Step 2 – Now double-click on ij.start.cannon setup files and click Run to extract the files.

Step 3 – You will encounter a canon driver setup main interface on your screen. Before forwarding to the next page, make sure to check the language which you will use to operate the software for providing commands to the printer.

Step 4 – Now you have to connect your printer with your computer. For this, you can either use a USB connection or a wireless connection method.

Step 5 – Select your printer when it has been properly connected and based on your printer model, drivers and other software will be displayed on your screen.

Step 6 – Now select the checkboxes of the software package which you want to upload. Make sure your system has sufficient space for downloading the printer driver.

Step 7 – Now click the ‘Next’ button and move forward for ij.start.canon setup.

Step 8 – Click Yes to License Agreement option and your driver installation will start instantly.

Step 9 – After successful completion of installation, you can check the functioning of your printer. This way you can set up your driver with the help of ij.start.canon.  

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4. Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to physically connect your printer to the network?

In case your Canon printer doesn’t support wireless connectivity then you need to link your printer to the network by using an Ethernet cable manually.

For a wired connection, you must possess a working Ethernet port on your printer.

Now you need to find the Ethernet port on the printer according to the printer’s model. If you are unable to find then review the printer manual to find it.

Now connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the printer’s port and another end to the router’s Ethernet port carefully (by locating the router’s Ethernet port).

Doing this will easily connect your printer to the network for ij.start.cannon setup.

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  • What should I do if ij.start.canon is not responding?

Sometimes due to some basic functioning issues ij.start.canon stops responding. When you got blocked while using the web page, check your internet connection first.

If your Wi-Fi connection is working properly then check your current web browser.

Make sure the web browser must be safe and free from errors and unwanted files.

Now make sure you are entering the correct web address otherwise your setup page will not be initiated. Performing these steps will rectify your issue. 

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  • How to fix the error “Printer is not recognized” while setting up

the printer driver?

In case your Canon printer doesn’t acknowledge by your system then you need to recheck your printer connection.

In case you have an USB connection then make sure the USB cable isn’t damaged or destroyed.

Also, make sure the USB cable is properly connected to the system or printer.

In case you are having a Wireless connection, first, confirm the network name on your printer screen.

The Wi-Fi name should match the network through which your system is connected.

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  • How to reset the printer to its factory default settings for

resolving setup issues?

Find the resume/cancel button on the top panel of your printer.

Now press and hold the resume/cancel button until the alarm lamp flickers 17 times then release it.

This will reset the factory which possibly fixes all common issues.

After resetting, make sure to reconnect your printer with your desired Wi-Fi.