Install Canon printer – How to Connect With Computer

Canon provides the most reliable and trustworthy effective printing solutions to its users across the globe. These renowned printers are productive and authentic. They are equipped with advanced, cutting-edge technology and are created for an unbeatable user experience. But you are required to set it up properly to avail all its features. This includes hardware setup and configuration to the network. Also, installing Canon printers is vital and it enables your device to control it’s functioning.

Ways to install Canon printer – ij.start.cannon

It is unmatchable quick and easy to install Canon printer. There are two methods to install Canon printers i.e., CD Installation or website method. The installation process is possible after downloading the right set of the printer driver. In case you use the accompanying CD installation to finish the process then it’s not required.

CD installation method

  • First, switch on your system and insert the installation CD into the CD disk drive of your system. Ensure you use the same CD which you got in the printer package. 
  • After this, the Autoplay window will be displayed to Install Canon Printer. In case if it doesn’t happen then go to the CD drive of your system and double-click on it.
  • When the Autoplay screen appears, find the ‘Run Setup file’ option and click on it.
  • When the ‘User Account Control’ window will get displayed then you need to select ‘Yes’ or ‘Continue’ to install Canon Printer.
  • After this, the Installer’s Welcome window will be displayed. So, click ‘Next’.
  • You will need to Install .Net Framework in the next window. In case your system already has this software then this window will not be displayed. So, click Yes if you got this window.
  • After this, the Software License Agreement window will appear. Review it and accept it.
  • On the next window, ‘Software Installation List’ will appear which lets you select the required Software to install the Canon printer. It’s better to install the complete software package for the efficient performance of the printer. Hence, click on the ‘Select All’ button -> click ‘Next’.
  • Follow the mentioned on-screen instructions until you get the Software Installation window.
  • Lastly, click on the ‘Install’ tab.
  • After this, installation of Canon Printer Drivers will start so wait for its completion.
  • Now, click ‘Complete’ on the next ‘Setup Completion’ window and then click ‘Next’.
  • Now, a window ‘Extended Survey Program’ will be displayed. Review it and agree to it. Otherwise, click on the ‘Do not Agree’ option.
  • Now, you will face a ‘Test window’ window. So, click ‘Execute’ to ensure successful completion of the process to Install the Canon printer.
  • Click ‘Exit’ after completion of process and restart your system.

Website method

  • To install the Canon Printer, website method is the most reliable and trust-worthy and user-friendly option. This process requires you to have update version of required printer driver software. For this process, you can download the software by visiting the Canon’s official website.
  • You have to visit the setup webpage i.e., ‘’. In the following window, you need to mention your printer’s model number. Click ‘Go’. Or you can select your printer model number from the given list. After going to required webpage, find OS drop-down box at the top-right corner of the site. Click on it and choose your system OS.
  • You will receive a link to download the right set of printer driver. Download it.
  • After this, follow below method to Install canon printer.

The process of installation

  • Find the downloaded printer driver. You will get it in the default download location of your system.
  • Open the software file to install the Canon printer.
  • When you open the installer, a Security prompt window will appear. So, select ‘Run’ to validate your system.
  • Now, you will face a ‘User Account Control’ window. Click yes for installation.
  • A Printer setup wizard will be displayed asking you to select your preferred language. Choose your language properly.
  • Click Next -> Select your place of residence diligently -> Click Next.
  • After this, accept the license agreement in the next window.
  • On the next window, Firewall settings will be displayed, check the checkboxes beside the ‘Deactivate the block’ option, then click ‘Next’.
  • After this, a Connection method window will appear in which you need to specify the connection method during the configuration process. So, select the ‘Wired’ or ‘wireless’ option then click ‘Next’.
  • Now, the Network Setup process will start. To properly finish the process by following the mentioned instructions.
  • Now, a list of all available software for Canon printers will open. Select properly and click ‘Next’.
  • Now, the installation process will start. Wait until it completes.
  • Lastly, click ‘Exit’ and restart your system.