Canon Pixma TS6420 Printer Review

The Canon PIXMA TS6420 is an all-rounder color printer that generates awesome-looking pictures. It provides a reasonable number of color pages and the cost-per-print for color documents and pictures is very low. It consists of a flatbed scanner which you can use when required to digitize delicate images or scan documents. It consists of amazing connectivity options such as Bluetooth and wi-fi.

On the other hand, black page yields are awful and it prints documents slowly.

Colors have average accuracy and as there is only one color cartridge, you’ll be required to replace it in case you run out of color.

7.6 Casual Photo

This Canon printer is good for casual photo printing. It creates amazing-looking photos with fine details with the absence of color in the grayscale. The cost of these pictures is low and budget-friendly.

The hard part is it has common color accuracy and has average build quality.


Outstanding photo printing quality.

Can print up to 4”x6” and 5”x7” picture paper.

Superb photo cost-per-print.


Ordinary color accuracy.

5.0 Black and White

This printer is very bad for black and white printing. It has a low page yield which means you will be required to change cartridges frequently and the cost is average for the best. Printing speed is very bad and it doesn’t have an automatic document feeder.

On the other hand, it is compatible with XL-size cartridges and supports duplex printing.


Availability of XL cartridges.


Low-yielding cartridges.

Average black-only cost per print.

No ethernet port.

No automatic document feeder.

7.2 Student

It is very good printer for students.

Has amazing cost-per-print for color documents.

Useful for picture printing or color-coded reports.

Has a flatbed scanner and has Wi-fi and Bluetooth support.

Sadly, the cost-per-print for black text documents is average and it takes some time to print the first page and printing consecutive documents pages slowly.


Best value in color printing.

Availability of XL cartridges.

Supports wi-fi and Bluetooth.


Low-yield cartridges.

Color accuracy is unremarkable.

Absence of automatic document feeder.

4.0 Small/Home office

This printer has very poor performance for small or home offices. Overall page yields are bad that’s why you have to replace all the cartridges often in case you print in black or color frequently.

Prints slowly black text documents.

Has no automatic document feeder or Ethernet port as it can be very limiting for some.

The best part is it supports automatic duplex printing and due to its relatively compact size it can easily fit in smaller rooms.


XL cartridges are available.


Low yielding cartridges.

Average black-only cost-per-print.

No ethernet port.

No automatic document feeder.

7.2 Family

This Canon printer is reasonable for family use. The pictures look elegant with a beautiful overall tone.

Cost-per-print of color documents is low and comes at budget-friendly prices.

Sadly, cost-per-print for black text documents is average.

Has flatbed scanner and accuracy of produced colors in unremarkable.


The awesome value during color printing.

Amazing photo printing quality.

Contains a flatbed scanner.


Low yielding cartridges.

Ordinary color accuracy.

No automatic document feeder.


Build & Design Quality

This Canon PIXMA TS6420 has an average design and creates authenticity. The printer is made purely from plastic and it has a smooth finish which creates smoothness when touched by users.

The power cable is removable and can get damaged.  

The bad thing is the rear input tray feels thin and unreliable and the output tray feels flimsy and springy.

Accessing paper jamming is a tough three-step process and is not user-friendly and you have to turn the printer on to change the ink cartridges.


Height 5.8″ (14.7 cm)

Width 15.8″ (40.1 cm)

Depth 14.2″ (36.0 cm)


 14.1 lbs (6.4 kg)

Display screen

Its OLED display screen is alright. You can easily navigate the menu and the whole front panel can tilt upwards to improve visibility. Badly, the screen doesn’t have touch capabilities and is pretty small.

In the box

The box contains power cord, user manual, 1x Canon PG-260 Black ink catridge, 1x Canon CL-261 color ink cartridge.


No photo cartridge is available. Has single number of color cartridges.

Contains PG-260 black cartridge model.

Has 7.71 tested prints black page yield.

Has 146 prints – estimated black page yield.

CL-261 Color cartridge model.

Tested color page yield – 232 prints.

No third-party cartridge.

Consists of high-yield cartridges.

No drum unit.

The printer has a bad cartridge system. Both black, as well as color cartridges, have a low yield, so they can be frequently replaced in case you use the printer several times. But it has high-yield cartridges in case you need them.

There are no third-party ink cartridges available for testing.


Has flatbed scanner.

Has scan sheetfed.

Automatic document feeder.

Absence of duplex scanning.

1200 DPI scan resolution.

24-bit scan color depth.

Flatbed scan size.

Fax is unavailable.

The scanning features of the Canon printers are average. The hinges of flatbed can be extended to attach smaller books or manuals but the hard part is it doesn’t have an automatic document feeder which relates to that you have to scan each page manually of the document. In case you require a printer that has an automatic document feeder then you can check out the HP ENVY Pro 6475.

While using the Canon IJ Scanning Utility software your limit is 600 DPI scan resolution by default. To access the full 1200 DPI resolution using IJ scanning utility, you have to click on ‘Scan gear’, visit Advanced mode then change the Output resolution to 1200 DPI


The cost-per-print of Canon printer is awesome. Cost arises fastly due to low cartridges yield. There are various Canon PIXMA printers with a significantly lower cost-per-print.

In case you print in black color, several inkjet printers continue to use the color cartridge for servicing process and this is why you need to replace it after some time.

Printing speed

The printer has an average printing speed. It is very slow irrespective of what you are printing but the good thing is it can execute duplex printing automatically. It consists of one front and one rear input tray which contains 200 sheets of paper combined. 

Color accuracy

The Canon TS6420 has ordinary color accuracy. Several colors are inaccurate and this is not an issue in the case of casual photo printing. Its not recommended for those who require accurate color production as a part of their profession. In case you need a similar printer with better color accuracy then there are several such printers are available.

Photo printing quality

Consists of borderless printing. The Canon printer has awesome photo printing quality. Colors contain beautiful tone with good features. In grayscale, there is no color present, but it has a small amount of green visible in the black tone.

These colors are used in the actual physical photo not the scanned pictures mentioned for the reference above as it may not necessarily represent the printer’s picture print quality.


Has no ethernet connection.

USB input to system connection is available.

Has Bluetooth availability.

Wifi via router is available.

Availability of Wi-Fi direct.

No external storage support.

Apple AirPrint and Mopria print service.

Mobile app for home use

Availability of mobile app

Canon Print Inkjet/SELPHY

Supports iOS, Android versions.

Picture format available is JPEG, PNG

Availability of Microsoft Office files.

No text files (TXT)

Availability and expertise would be connected

Canon PRINT Inkjet/ SELPHY app.

The Canon TS6420 is compatible. For don’t know these things

The Conclusion –

The Canon Pixma printer is made particularly for home and small institutions for an amazing printing experience. It comes with amazing features and a compact design suitable for the home environment.

But if you are searching for a trustworthy and reliable computer with AIO functionality then this Canon Pixma TS6420 printer is suitable for you.

This is a one-stop solution printer for all your printing, scanning and copy requirements. Relish the amazing printing experience with Canon Pixma and its genuine Canon printer drivers.