Canon MX492 Printer Setup

Canon’s MX492 Printer is a futuristic, concisely designed Inkjet malfunctioning unit. This comprehensive printing machine is an adaptable, vigorous, cross-functional device that promotes the best printing experience. It is a renowned device for its top-end quality output. With the simple, user-friendly process of Canon MX492 printer setup., you can have its high-end features. Apart from this, the printer is furnished with malleable connection compatibility.

You can use this with various devices such as desktops, Windows/Mac devices, laptops, tablets as well as smartphones. Also, it offers multiple options in terms of print sizes.

Henceforth, it comes with amazing intuitive properties such as extra-large ink cartridge capacity, automatic document feeder, quiet mode, scan to cloud functionality and an auto-scan for unmatchable user experience.

How to setup Canon MX492 printer

The steps mentioned in executing the Canon MX492 Printer Setup are unusually simple, easy, to-the-point and user-friendly. For this, you have to start your printer’s hardware setup as these printing machines are too delicate and sensitive. So, it’s crucial to finish these steps carefully otherwise your printer’s parts will be damaged. Once the setup is finished, you must configure it properly. This includes connecting your printer to the same internet network with which your system is connected.

Apart from this, you will also need a particular set of Printer Driver Software for implementing your printer functions.

Hardware setup for Canon MX492 Printer setup

  • First place your Canon printer at some flat surface. Then there must be a Power source like wall outlet within its range so that your printer can receive strong internet connection.
  • Now, unbox your printer and remove all plastic tapes carefully.
  • Canon printers requires secure and stable power source to execute its functions efficiently. For this, connect your printer to a secure and stable power source like wall outlet. You can use a power cable for this and remember to switch on the power source.
  • Now, switch on the printer for setup by pressing its power button. Ensure that a stable and green colour of power lamp will lit up.
  • Incase there is red/orange light, this means your printer is not getting sufficient power. Check the power cable, unplug it and then plug it again. Make sure that there is no power cut and the Wall outlet is functioning efficiently. If required, use different ‘power cable’ and ‘power source’.
  • In addition, your printer needs a properly installed paper tray. So, install one and insert paper sheets into it.
  • Your printer also needs black/white ink, so install ink cartridges properly.
  • After this, your printer will start Initialization and Alignment procedures for setup. So, wait for sometime.
  • You also need to review its setup guide. So, go to Control Panel -> select ‘Display Language’, ‘Date’, ‘Country/Region’, ‘Time’ and ‘Access Security Measures (PIN)’.
  • Lastly, close the setup guide by clicking the ‘End’ option and proceed with the Canon MX492 Printer setup.

Network Configuration For Canon MX492 printer setup –

  • Switch on your printer and start the Network Configuration process. For this, check the power lamp. There must be a green stable light.
  • Go to Control Panel and find the ‘setup’ button and click on it.
  • After this, the setup menu will be displayed.
  • Here, you need to use provided navigation keys to search the tab which says ‘Wireless LAN setup’. Click on it and press OK.
  • Under the ‘Wireless LAN setup’ dropbox, select ‘other setup’ and press OK.
  • Now select the Cableless setup option and press OK.
  • Wait until the printer builds a connection with your Home network.
  • After completion of the Configuration process, proceed with the Canon MX492 printer setup.

Driver Package setup for Canon MX492 Printer setup

  • The last part of the Canon MX492 printer setup is vital. So, you need to complete the process diligently. All you need to do is to find the right set of Driver Package from Canon’s official site i.e.,
  • Besides your printer’s model number, you also have to consider your system OS while searching for the software. On the next page, click on the ‘Download’ link and wait until it completes.
  • Consequently, you have to install the downloaded Driver package diligently. For this, search your system; you will find it at your system default download location in the ‘Downloads’ folder.
  • After clicking on it, an Installation Wizard will appear. The first window will have a Security prompt for system validation.
  • So, select ‘Run’ and click Yes on the next ‘User Account Control’ window.
  • Then, click on the Language button to select your preferred language and press Next.
  • Follow mentioned on-screen instructions and after the completion of setup, click ‘Exit’ to leave installer.