Canon MX490 printer Setup

Canon MX490 printer setup has become convenient without any technical knowledge due to the guidance of business experts. We as Canon printer customer support service providers help users like you in the setup process.

Follow the below guidance to finish the Canon printer driver setup.

Steps to download Canon MX490 Printer driver

The setup starts by downloading the canon printer drivers. The driver is vital for the efficient functioning of your printer.

  • First, visit the Canon webpage i.e., ‘’.
  • Mention your printer driver model number to find a compatible driver.
  • When you reach the Canon MX490 printer setup window, click on the ‘Drivers and download’ option.
  • From the given list of drivers, select the one which you want to download. The printer driver has several software in it. So it‘s better to select a full-driver and software package then hit the ‘select’ tab.
  • After this, instructions for the next process and driver specifications will appear. Review the given information and click ‘Download’.
  • Wait when the downloading starts. Later, you can access the file from the selected or default location.

Guidance for Installing the Canon MX490 Printer Setup File

Now you need to use your printer in the next step. So, make sure to set up your hardware and make your printer ready. Perform all the vital steps like unboxing, connecting cables, adding paper and installing ink. Place your printer at some flat and smooth surface and within the network range so it can receive high internet signals.

After doing all these, follow the below steps to install canon printer driver –

  • Switch on your printer before the beginning of the setup process.
  • Now, access the printer driver setup file.
  • After clicking on the setup file, you will get a popup box asking your permission to make changes. Permit them and move on.
  • In the initial window, a prompt will appear on the screen, click on the ‘Next’ tab.
  • In case you are a Mac user, you will get another popup. You need to mention your username and password which are connected to your administrator account.
  • Now, a connection window will be displayed on your screen where you will get two options i.e., ‘wireless connection’ and ‘USB connection’. Make your selection properly for printer-system connection.
  • You will now get the instructions to connect your printer to the network on your screen. If you have already done that with the printer’s network configuration then click ‘Next’ without going through the given instructions. By going through the instructions, you can establish a stable connection. Ensure that the same network is connected to both your printer as well as system.
  • After the connection has been established, you will now require to provide your place where you reside.
  • After this, a list will appear where you need to select the software. This list will consist of all the software through which you can install for the Canon MX490 printer setup. Make your selection properly.
  • Now accept the mentioned license agreement.
  • The installation will be started by now. Wait until you get the completed message. Click on ‘Complete’ to exit the window.
  • Maybe you can get the window asking you to add your printer or print head alignment etc., in case you want to execute these procedures, move forward by following the mentioned instructions, otherwise, click ‘Close’ and complete the process.

How you can maintain your Canon printer

A lot of maintenance is required when using a media-savvy machine. There are lots of processes which you need to go through to keep up your printing machine.

This process includes cleaning the printer, replacing the ink and papers, updating your Canon printers, etc.

Follow the below process to know how you can maintain your printer-

  • The fundamental process includes cleaning of printer. You can use a wet cloth to do this but before this ensure to switch off your printer and unplug it from the power source.
  • Now check the printer nozzles and clean the printer properly using the printer driver application.
  • Now you need to reinstall the ink cartridge into your Canon printer. To do this, place a new ink cartridge into the slots. Also, replace the toner cartridge by uplifting the upper panel.
  • Now you have to relocate your printer driver as keeping the device in the same place for long time periods makes the device full of dirt.  So, make sure to replace its location by cleaning that location first.
  • Now you have to remove the loaded paper in it. Alling those papers, remove all the folds and then place them inside.
  • Now you need to reset your printer settings for some time period. Restore the settings to default and change them accordingly.

Update the printer driver software is also required. For this, reinstall the installed driver on your system and download a newly updated Canon MX490 setup file.