Canon Printer Software Download

Canon Printer Software Download is an extraordinarily notable stage of making your high-tech Canon Printers for an amazing customer experience.

Downloading Canon Printer Software from Website

Downloading the Canon printer software from its official website is a fast and user-friendly method that doesn’t need any expertise. However, if you have a Mac device, then this is the only method suitable for you.

Before proceeding with the Canon Printer Software Download procedure, you must have below information –

  • First, you need to find out Printer’s Product Type, Model Number and Series name. you can find these details from your printing machine, from the printer package and printer’s invoice. You can also check the front or sides of your printer.
  • Apart from these, you also need to know the correct name and version of your system’s operating system.

Fast and Easy Downloading Process –

Go to your browser –

To visit any website, an internet web browser is required. An internet browser is a software application used to gain information over the World Wide Web network.

As a user, whenever you try to access a web page then its application will deliver the required content from the respective site’s web server. After this, it displays the webpage on your screen and this is how you can access various sites.

There are a diverse range of browsers available such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox, Google Chrome as well as Apple Safari. There might be some of these browsers installed on your system.

If you go to your monitor screen’s left-hand side, you will discover a list of icons. This list consists of browser icon.

Click on it to start the Canon Printer Software Download process.

In case you are a Mac user, Apple’s Safari is the only option you have.

You can find this browser at your System’s Taskbar situated at the upper section of your monitor. To open the browser, click on the mentioned icon.

Go to Canon’s official site –

 As mentioned above, using internet browser can help you in accessing the required website to download Canon Printer Software. So, move forward by finding the address bar of your browser.

Go to the top of your browser window where you will find a long text bar running at its length. Place your cursor on it and click on it. Then enter the correct url i.e., ‘’, and hit enter. This will take you to its official website.

Open its ‘support’ webpage –

Wait until the webpage opens properly. Now go to the upper section of this window where you will find some buttons to access various web pages. One of them will be ‘Support’ button. With this link, you can access Support Menu box for Canon Printer Software Download. So, click on it.

Choose Drivers and Downloads –

This Menu box will provide you several Support options for Canon Products such as Support Home, Canon Printer Drivers and Downloads, Manuals, Service & Repair, About Support, Canon Professional Services (CPS) etc. Here you have to choose for ‘Drivers & Downloads’ tab.

Find your Canon Printer’s Model Number – 

Before starting the downloading process, you must find your Canon Printer’s Model Number. To find it, you can check the front and sides of your printer. You can also check your Printer package or invoice.

You can easily recognize your printer’s model number which includes a string of alphanumeric characters. The model number consists of an easily identifiable Series Name such as PIXMA, LASER, MAXIFY or SELPHY etc.

Now, enter this model number properly in the Search Bar mentioned on the webpage. After this, a list of all available Canon Products will be displayed. So, choose your Product Type and click on the ‘Printers’ option. After this, all available Printer Models will be available to you under different series names. Finally, select the correct Printer Model Number.

Now visit ‘Drivers and Downloads’ section –

From the next window, you will have the links to access different web pages for your chosen Printer Model Number such as Canon Printer Drivers & Downloads, Manuals, Need Service, etc. So, select the ‘Drivers and Downloads’ option.

Mention your ‘Language’ –

First, tap on the drop-down box besides the ‘Language’ tab. Now, choose an option according to your preference. After this, details of Canon Printer Software, its setup file and the installed software will be available in this selected ‘Language’.

Select the operating system –

Besides, the ‘Language’ drop-down box, the system’s operating system details are also required. Tap on the drop-down box and select your system’s operating system. This is vital as the driver package and its installation process varies according to the system’s operating system.

Choose software category –

In addition, you will find tabs for drivers, softwares, firmware, utilities and SDK. These are different categories of software used for the efficient functioning of printers. You can select any of these but the best-case scenario is to download the complete driver package which is available under the ‘Drivers’ section. Hence, do it.

Tap on ‘select’ – When you click on Drivers section, all available Canon Printer Software will be displayed for downloading. Make sure to go for holistic driver setup package. Now, tap on ‘Select’ tab adjacent to selected option. This will explore its Menu box which will display all the necessary details of the driver package.